Planespotter captures incredible moments in aviation

Planespotter Schipolhotspot has a knack for capturing uniquely mesmerising moments in air travel.

Recently he recorded an Emirates A380 as it returned to Dubai from Amsterdam’s Schipol Airport.

“One minute after passing though the clouds you still see the turbulence created by the passing plane” he writes on his Youtube page. 

The video has already clocked up to 75,000 views, proving to be a hit with planespotters around the world:

On the same day he captured a China Southern A330 in the skies, as well.

He explains that as the plane climbs, more condensation is visible and as the aircraft breaks through the “first light clouds, there is a great rainbow condensation to be seen.”

The video is incredible:

This is one Youtuber we’re definitely bookmarking!


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