Air NZ 777 ETOPS – and carbon emissions is the key?!

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The first airline to purchase the new longer ETOPS option is
Air New Zealand (ANZ), which completed the world’s first commercial 240
min. ETOPS flight between Los Angeles, Calif., to Auckland,
New Zealand

using a 777-300ER.


ANZ chief pilot Captain David Morgan said one of the key
benefits of the new 240 min. ETOPS operations is a reduction in carbon


“The new ETOPS operations enable us to fly a more
direct route between airports, which means we can get our customers to their
destination a little quicker and at the same time reduce the amount of fuel
required, resulting in fewer carbon emissions being emitted,” Morgan


ANZ was also the first airline to secure 180 min. ETOPS
approval for its 767 operations between Auckland,
Nadi, Honolulu and Los Angeles in December 1989.


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