330minutes ETOPS for 787

The US Federal Aviation Administration granted
extended operations (ETOPS) certification to the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 (Photos)
allowing the engine to be operated 330 minutes from a diversion landing field
for a Boeing 787. Meanwhile, ZA004, is parked at Boeing Field and being
retrofitted with the latest Trent 1000 ‘Package B’ improvements that will bring
specific fuel consumption to within 1% of the originally planned

For Rolls-Royce, the
Engine ETOPS certification differs from ETOPS airframe-engine certification
(AEC) as the powerplant is given regulatory approval separately from the
aircraft and all of its systems for long-range operations. Formal 787 AEC ETOPS
testing, which includes system functionality & reliability testing, has not
yet begun, though build-up tests were run in April on ZA003. The engine
completed its 3,000 cycles ETOPS validation through ground testing back in
August 2009.


Also, Boeing confirmed late last week that the test fleet had
been fully upgraded to operating the latest electrical system software that was
developed following the fire aboard ZA002 in November.

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