757 ETOPS smoke c-pit/cabin …

… a LOOOOOOONG way from


On Friday 17 September, US Airways flight 432
from Phoenix to Kahulua (Maui), operated in a Boeing 757-2G7 (N908AW, SN 24233 /
LN 244, which once wore a special “Arizona Cardinals” livery), had been enroute
a little over 3.5 hours when the crew reported smoke in the cockpit and elected
to make a precautionary diversion to San Francisco.


According to FlightAware, the planned flight path
(shown in blue on the map below) went slightly north of Los Angeles, then via
the DINTY reporting point and DIALO RNAV waypoint to Kahului. At the approximate
point that the diversion began, SFO was 122 nm closer than LAX and 238 nm closer
than OGG. These choices are shown in red on the map. (In terms of flying time,
OGG was even farther than either California airport due to winds.)


It appears that the flight diverted before reaching
DIALO but even at that point, SFO would have been the best choice: a search for
major airports near DIALO reveals that only Monterey was slightly closer. Longer
runways and more capable ARFF made SFO a better choice than MRY.


The diversion was uneventful and the aircraft
landed on runway 28L at SFO.

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