UAL + COA merging!

Confirmation is Monday evening US time on my


United Airlines and Continental Airlines are set to
announce that they are merging to form the world’s largest airline on Monday (US

The two US airlines resumed merger negotiations
earlier this month, two years after walking away from similar talks.

merger would prove a huge boost for Chicago and its status on the world business
front. The newly merged carrier would be called UNITED AIRLINES
and would become the world’s largest airline. It would be based in
Chicago, where United has in the past several years invested in a significant
amount office space.

United CEO Glenn Tilton, who has for some time been
aggressively pushing for more airline consolidation, would become chairman of
the new airline and Continental CEO Jeff Smisek would become the new airline’s

The new airline’s customers in Chicago and around the
world would benefit from the creation of a huge airline route system second to
none. Domestically, United’s route strength in the Midwest and West meshes well
with Continental’s strong presence in the Northeast and South. Internationally,
Continental has strong European and South American routes, while United is a
dominant player on trans-Pacific routes and in Asia, which is expected to only
grow more important as a business hub in years to

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