How many flight crew rqrd???

BERLIN: Airbus SAS, the world’s
largest plane maker, is considering an extended 1,000-passenger version of the
A380 aircraft, Louis Gallois, chief executive of the European Aeronautic Defence
and Space Company (EADS), has said.

Two airlines, Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Air France-KLM
SA, were interested in the extended version of the A380, Gallois told the German
newspaper Saechsische Zeitung in an interview to be published Friday.

EADS is the parent company of
Airbus SAS.

The A380, the world’s
largest commercial aircraft even in its current form, can carry 555 passengers.
It entered service in October last year after a two-year delay that severely hit
Airbus profits and forced a major restructuring of the company.

Gallois said Airbus had planned the
extended version right from the start.

According to information received by DPA, a decision
on building the huge aircraft is to be taken only in 2010.

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